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Connecting essential information

In close cooperation with you, we develop intuitive web applications that integrate the essential information of your company. This enables your employees and your customers to make better decisions and immediately react to changes.

In a continuous exchange, we develop solutions that give you competitive advantages, implement them efficiently with the help of modern cloud technologies and ensure their smooth operation.

We have a lot of experience with the implementation of complex software projects.

Have a look at our reference projects or contact us.


IT Partner for tacs®

Rodix has developed the tacs® method, which enables the structured collection and evaluation of management-relevant key figures of the recorded efforts of a company. It is used by over 120 companies, including large Swiss hospitals. Two web applications were available for administration and reporting. The user experience of both applications was a fair bit outdated. Also the performance was no longer satisfying.

Rodix wanted to tackle the future IT challenges with a new partner they found in nxt.

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Successful Investor Search Thanks to nxt

Amros-Global is a consulting firm in the aerospace industry based in Switzerland. We were able to support our client Amros-Global in the search for investors. In several iterations nxt developed a minimum viable product, that digitizes, indexes and classifies aircraft documents.

Amros-Global was thus able to successfully attract investors for its idea.

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Redesign of the Customer Portal

VSHN supports software developers in automatically making applications testable, deployable and scalable and running them on any infrastructure. We supported VSHN with the relaunch of their customer portal. In addition to the redesign, we consolidated functionalities and improved the user experience for the customers.

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Visualization of Large Motion Data

Simunto offers software solutions and support for working with the agent-based traffic simulation software MATSim. We were able to provide support in the areas of configuration management, distribution of work to worker nodes and visualization of large motion data.

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