We have supported the following customers and organisations in the past.


We present a selection of engagements and projects in which we were significantly involved.


Support of 2BIT in a Spring Boot project

2BIT needed us, to support one of its customers in the development of a Spring Boot application. The goal was to abstract Apache Solr’s REST interface for clients and provide a simplified interface.

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Silver Partner

Microsoft recognized us as partner for their Cloud Platform offering, i.e. for Microsoft Azure, and awarded us the Silver Partner status.

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Rodix Reto Odermatt GmbH

IT Partner for tacs®

Rodix has developed the tacs® method, which enables the structured collection and evaluation of management-relevant key figures of the recorded efforts of a company. It is used by over 120 companies, including large Swiss hospitals. Two web applications were available for administration and reporting. The user experience of both applications was a fair bit outdated. Also the performance was no longer satisfying.

Rodix wanted to tackle the future IT challenges with a new partner they found in nxt.

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Successful Investor Search Thanks to nxt

Amros-Global is a consulting firm in the aerospace industry based in Switzerland.

We were able to support our client Amros-Global in the search for investors. In several iterations nxt developed a Minimum Viable Product, that digitizes, indexes and classifies aircraft documents.

Amros-Global was thus able to successfully attract investors for its idea.

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User Interface Consulting is a Swiss cloud provider that offers a self-service portal to launch virtual machines within seconds. asked us to join them in their project to advance their customer portal. We provided them with valuable insights during the domain analysis phase and developed wireframes in the early design stage to allow them a glimpse into the future.

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VSHN supports software developers in automatically making applications testable, deployable and scalable and running them on any infrastructure.

The first commit of the VSHN customer portal was on May 19th, 2016. The portal has grown steadily ever since. Many functions were added, but the portal itself was always kept in Beta.

As part of the facelift, we applied a redesigned to the whole interface. In addition, various user experience improvements were made during the adjustment of the individual pages. Users now work with the individual functions even more efficiently.

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cnlab Software

Code Review

An internally developed angular application for the evaluation of monitoring data was examined by nxt on various aspects.

In an all-day workshop nxt presented the feedback of the review, performance tips and tricks and demonstrated how the Angular Application can be migrated from Karma to Jest and Cypress and tested automatically.

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In the Digicomp training rooms we regularly conduct the course “Introduction to Angular”.

The course lasts two days and teaches the concepts and programming model of Angular, so that the participants can independently implement single-page applications afterwards.

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Simunto offers software solutions and support for working with the agent-based traffic simulation software MATSim.

We were able to provide support in the areas of configuration management, distribution of work to worker nodes and visualization of large motion data.

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Swiss Re

TEC 19

Swiss Re hosted the internal three-day Technology & Engineering Culture Conference for the first time.

We were invited to talk on the topics best practices with Angular, continuous delivery and the development of microservices.

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