To us, a suitable, sustainable and flexible architecture is important in a software project. It is important to us that the architecture meets the requirements of the project and fits well into the existing IT landscape of your company.

Software Engineering

Successful software should be based on easily understandable and maintainable source code. Code reviews, automated tests and static code analysis are part of our daily routine. We consider source code as a long-term investment, therefore the quality matters to us. Our focus will be on features that add the most value to your business.

Software Quality Management

Automated tests are the basic prerequisite for efficient software development. They ensure that the software quality stays at a high level and enable short release cycles. Especially for large and longer-term projects, tests are essential and help to ensure that the application works as it should.

User Experience

The user interface is the flagship of an application and therefore very important. Characteristics of a good user experience are comprehensibility and efficiency. A software that is easy to understand does not require extensive training or manuals and is largely self-explanatory.

Continuous Integration (CI) / Continuous Delivery (CD)

We strive for short release cycles so that new functionalities are available to users as fast as possible. To achieve this, we depend on a stable CI/CD pipeline using GitLab CI, Jenkins or OpenShift.

Technologies and Tools

In recent years we have been able to use various technologies in customer projects and have gained a lot of experience. We stay up to date in order to use the right tool for the right job in the right way.

Programming Languages