We develop intuitive software for complex challenges.

Is your company evolving faster than your software landscape?
Can't you find the right software products on the market?
Are you looking for an experienced partner for software engineering?

What can you expect?

In an intensive exchange, we develop solutions which improve your existing processes or open up new markets. We develop software which your employees and customers find easy to use.

By using modern cloud technologies, we are able to provide solutions quickly and adapt them to new requirements at any time. You benefit from a quick time-to-market initially and short turn-around times later, when demands change.

As a Microsoft Silver Partner, we prefer to use the Azure platform to run your software. This puts your solution on a solid foundation, from which it will prosper.

What is our approach?

Offering you and your customers added value through our work as quickly as possible is our most important goal. It is why our projects begin with only a minimal implementation. We then expand it to a complete solution according to your needs.

The agile development process of nxt.

Our goal is that you are able to use the software directly after each iteration. Thereby you can quickly start testing it internally or showcasing it to customers. In this way, feedback can be incorporated into further planning and eventually a product emerges that evidently meets all requirements.

What does it cost you?

Typical custom-made software projects have an initial scope of CHF 15'000 - 50'000. We start by building a proof of concept / minimum viable product. Subsequently, we develop this into a polished solution according to your needs.