Together we figure out how your business benefits from custom-made software.

Do you want to realise your business idea but have no experience in software engineering?
Do you need software to develop your business that is not available on the market?
Do you want to simplify your business processes, but don't know how?

What can you expect?

For you, we develop a concept in which we examine how your requirements can be supported by software. We show possible solutions with standard and custom-made software as well as their one-time and recurring costs. We suggest concrete next steps on how best to proceed with your idea.

What is our approach?

In the first workshop, we will explore your needs. In two to three further workshops, we analyze how software supports your specific requirements. To do this, we gather information on the market about existing solutions and their applicability to the specific case at hand. Only if we are convinced that no existing solution can be used, we recommend the development of custom-made software. In addition, we provide you with an overview of current and proven technologies that are suitable for accelerating the later implementation. We will present our findings to you and define the next steps together.

What does it cost you?

Typically, we conduct two to four workshops with your team. We summarize our findings in writing and present them to you after about two weeks. For this service, we charge a flat rate of CHF 11'520.