Introduction to Quarkus - Supersonic Subatomic Java
11.11.2019, Michael Gerber

nxt had the pleasure to give an introduction to the Cloud Native Java Framework Quarkus at the ETH Zurich. Quarkus convinces with a very fast start-up time and a small memory footprint.

nxt Shares Its Knowledge in Digicomp Courses
24.10.2019, Mirco Widmer

We pass on our technological knowledge in various courses. This includes the two JavaScript Frontend Frameworks Angular and Vue.js.

Workshoptage 2019
30.09.2019, Christian Mäder

Every year in September the Workshoptage take place, organized by CH-Open. We’ve participated several times ourselves, but now we’ve taken the next step: We submitted six proposals, of which four were chosen. In the end, three workshops came about: One about Keycloak, one about Kotlin and one about Quarkus.

Crafting Angular Components
27.05.2019, Michael Gerber

Angular components shall be used in the template like common HTML components. This blog post shows how this can be achieved with simple means.

Technology & Engineering Culture Conference at Swiss Re
18.03.2019, nxt

Swiss Re hosted the internal three-day Technology & Engineering Culture Conference for the first time. We were invited to talk on the topics best practices with Angular, continuous delivery and the development of microservices.