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A panoramic photograph showing our office on a sunny day.

That's how our office in Zurich-Oerlikon looks like.

Here’s our offer to you

Here’s roughly how we get to know each other

We’re very … you know … agile. The list below is only a rough guide – it may be different already by the time we meet you.

  1. You decide to apply for one of our job offerings. We’re asking you to send us your documents (CV, cover letter, certificates, bribes, …) for an early evaluation.

  2. We’ll have a look at your documents and get in touch with you. In a perfect world, we’ll ask you to meet us (in person or virtually). The world’s not always perfect and never just and we might decide turn your application down.

  3. Based on the first impression you’ve made on us we’ll have a serious discussion among us. We’ll soon get in touch whether or not we’re going to invite you to our office for an in-depth session.

  4. After a more personal conversation in the morning we’ll invite you to lunch. Following that we’ll play a game of Dart 🎯. If you loose, then that’s it for today.

    We’re then progressing to some more serious business: You shall show us what you’re worth (figuratively speaking, for now). Bring your personal laptop 💻, because we’ll have an exercise for you. First we ask you to brainstorm a solution on the whiteboard and subsequently you’re asked to implement it in an MVP-fashion.

    No worries! You’ll be glad to know that you’ll have the whole internet at your disposal and that we’re here to help as well.

    At the end of the day it is showtime: Please impress us with your work.

  5. Again, we’ll have some serious discussing ahead of us. If you convinced us, we’ll meet again to explain our contract to you. It’s your chance as well to ask any questions you might still have about our company, the job and whatnot.

  6. When you arrive for your first day of work, you’re hardware shall greet you at your personal desk. It will be our common goal to merge your first commit to one of our projects that same day.

Vacant positions

Note to recruiters: At this point we’re not interested in your resumes.

Please see our German page as well as we do not translate all vacancies.