The founders Christian, Michael and Mirco have successfully completed projects together during their computer science studies at the University of Applied Sciences in Rapperswil (HSR). After their graduation, they gained experience by working for multiple companies where they were able to view the industry from various perspectives.

Several times they attended the hackathon HackZurich where they have repeatedly proven that they are able to develop ideas and convert them into working prototypes in no time. We are fascinated by mastering complex challenges with easily understandable software. With “nxt” we want to support our customers in building the right tailor-made software for their companies.

Christian Mäder

Senior Software Architect, Member of the Board
B.Sc. in Computer Science, M.Sc. in Business Information Technology

Besides developing software I am very interested in designing software systems. My specialties are highly available and distributed systems. Such applications are designed in a way that the failure of a subsystem is contained and does not result in a failure of the entire system. This is why I am interested in cloud technologies such as Cloud Functions, Docker, and Kubernetes as well as SRE topics like automation, reliability, and monitoring.

A good day at work means I’ve learned something new.

Michael Gerber

Senior Software Engineer, Member of the Board
M.Sc. in Software Engineering

I am a passionate software developer and enjoy working in a well organized team. After my studies in Rapperswil and Oxford and a leading position at HRM Systems AG I was looking for a new challenge. Together with Christian and Mirco I founded the software development company nxt.

Besides working, I like to be out in the mountains in winter and enjoy the fresh snow with my snowboard. Otherwise you can meet me regularly at bouldering.

Michael Reimer

Junior Software Engineer
Ing. in technical chemistry, bio- and genetic engineering

To me, software development is a craft like woodworking. It takes time and diligence to learn, but it is as rewarding as any other craft, when you see the results of your investment.

It enables people to create exceptional virtual/digital products and services that can be delivered instantly around the world literally at no variable cost. Changing to IT allows me to focus on the things I love doing most: creating and innovating.

Mirco Widmer

Senior Software Engineer, Member of the Board
B.Sc. in Computer Science

For more than ten years I have loved solving technical problems and mastering the associated challenges. I enjoy supporting customers with successful projects and ensuring that they can create better work results with the tools I help create.

Software architectures, code quality and the use of modern frontend and backend frameworks to achieve outstanding results are especially important to me.