Hello World
31.12.2018, nxt

This is our “Hello World”. We’ll introduce our company and answer why we chose to establish our own IT business, what we try to achieve and how we want to do it.

Every software engineer did it: The “Hello World” program. It’s a simple program that renders the letters “Hello World” on the screen. And almost every time a developer has to learn a new system or programming language it’s this simple program we turn to. For our company we’ll do it likewise:


For us, software is an integral part of modern companies, small and large alike. Software solves problems, improves processes and enables new business activities. That’s where we as “nxt” offer our support.

We don’t mean our slogan “Go Digital With Us” to become just a marketing term. Our customers can expect that we’ll provide our aid to them in every topic related to digitalization.

The “nxt” journey

We, the founders Christian, Michael and Mirco, started doing successful projects together during our studies at the Hochschule für Technik in Rapperswil (HSR) in the years 2010 to 2013. After we graduated we gained more experiences in different companies and learned our trade in various industries.

Many times we participated at the hackathon “HackZurich” and showed, that we’re able to brainstorm a topic in short time and create good results out of it.

At such occasions we often asked ourselves, why companies don’t use the chances they get in this new digital world. With “nxt” we would like to help our customers to embrace these chances.


Digitalization is still in the beginning. Companies will continue to make their products, services and processes digital and improve upon existing solutions, in order to stay competitive.

We will stand by our customers through all phases of the digitalization: consulting and design, implementation as well as operation and continuous improvement. We’re the signpost in the vast digital landscape.

For the time being, our focus is on the successful implementation of software engineering projects. On this foundation we plan to advise our customers on anything digital and support them from the beginning, even if their ideas are not yet fully matured.

What kind of challenges is your company facing? What is it’s digital potential? We would like to hear more about your unique situation and help to pave new ways and explore new digital grounds. Contact us and get to know our ideas at [email protected].