nxt moved
17.10.2019, Mirco Widmer

We have been working in Zurich Oerlikon since end of August.

Our reign in the Mythenschloss was limited from the beginning, because the building was to be demolished. After the summer holidays we set out to find a new home for nxt. We visited offices at the Kunsthaus in Zurich, Stettbach and Dübendorf.

On July 18th we visited three different offices in Oerlikon throughout the morning. The last office was at Regina-Kägi-Strasse 11. Eleven days later we had a signed lease. On August 21st we loaded our office supplies into a car and a van and drove them to our new address. At the end of the day we had an operational MVP - an office where we could work from now on.

Of our office neighbours, two are in the energy sector and three are also in IT.

The new office is on the third floor at the end of a long corridor. Our new address is:

nxt Engineering GmbH
Regina-Kägi-Strasse 11
8050 Zürich
Relocation 5

Some impressions from the move:

Relocation 1 Relocation 2 Relocation 3 Relocation 4