Customer and Partner Event 2021
06.10.2021, Michael Reimer

From the joint meeting in the office to the aperitif at a forging experience to the finale at a dinner together. Conclusion: Numerous new acquaintances between our customers and partners, self-forged barbecue skewers and, above all, a lot of fun.

Technological Modernization of the Web Application for Sickness and Accident Reporting for SWICA
14.09.2021, Mirco Widmer

In the first half of 2021, we were able to support HRM Systems in the technical modernization of a web application for recording sickness and accident reports for SWICA. With a project structure geared to the future, regular deployments and reusable UI components, we were able to successfully migrate the AngularJS application to Angular.

We Welcome Michael Reimer at nxt
01.09.2021, Christian Mäder

We are pleased to welcome Michael Reimer to nxt. Michael starts today, September 1st, as Software Engineer.

Office 3.0

Since mid-June we have been working next to the MFO Park.

nxt earns Microsoft Silver Partner status
07.10.2020, cma

In December 2020 nxt was recognized as Silver Partner of Microsoft.

OWASP Top 10 API Security Problems
05.10.2020, Christian Mäder

The OWASP collects and categorizes typical security problems in web software. In late 2019 – for the first time – they released a guide to the most typical issues found in web APIs. This blog post provides a summary of each of the 10 issues.

Successfully Attracting an Investor Thanks to nxt
03.09.2020, Mirco Widmer

We were able to support our client Amros-Global in the search for investors. In several iterations, nxt developed a Minimum Viable Product, that digitizes, indexes and classifies aircraft documents.

Amros-Global was thus able to successfully attract investors for its idea.

We Welcome Omar Coca at nxt
03.08.2020, Michael Gerber

We are pleased to welcome Omar Coca to nxt. Omar starts today, August 3rd, with a three-month internship as Software Engineer.

How to Use SAS Tokens with Azure Blob Storage
14.07.2020, Christian Mäder

Azure Blob Storage is an Azure service to store files. It is comparable to the well-known S3 Storage by Amazon Web Services (AWS).

SAS Tokens grant arbitrary client applications permission to manipulate certain files on the Azure Blob Storage. These tokens' validity is limited to a certain time-span and the actions that clients are allowed to perform are restricted as well.

This post explains how and when to use SAS Tokens.

IT Partner for tacs®
05.06.2020, Michael Gerber

Rodix has developed the tacs® method, which enables the structured collection and evaluation of management-relevant key figures of the recorded efforts of a company. It is used by over 120 companies, including large Swiss hospitals. Two web applications were available for administration and reporting. The user experience of both applications was a fair bit outdated. Also the performance was no longer satisfying.

Rodix wanted to tackle the future IT challenges with a new partner it found in nxt.

Precautionary actions because of COVID-19
05.03.2020, Christian Mäder

The management of nxt has decided that all employees must carry their computer with them when they leave the office.

Quarkus on APPUiO
25.11.2019, Michael Gerber

With the release of Quarkus 1.0.0, Java has once again become attractive for microservices. In this blog post I show you how to run native applications on APPUiO using Quarkus.

Introduction to Quarkus - Supersonic Subatomic Java
11.11.2019, Michael Gerber

nxt had the pleasure to give an introduction to the Cloud Native Java Framework Quarkus at the ETH Zurich. Quarkus convinces with a very fast start-up time and a small memory footprint.

nxt Shares Its Knowledge in Digicomp Courses
24.10.2019, Mirco Widmer

We pass on our technological knowledge in various courses. This includes the two JavaScript Frontend Frameworks Angular and Vue.js.

nxt moved
17.10.2019, Mirco Widmer

We have been working in Zurich Oerlikon since end of August.

Workshoptage 2019
30.09.2019, Christian Mäder

Every year in September the Workshoptage take place, organized by CH-Open. We’ve participated several times ourselves, but now we’ve taken the next step: We submitted six proposals, of which four were chosen. In the end, three workshops came about: One about Keycloak, one about Kotlin and one about Quarkus.

Showcase Customer Portal of VSHN
15.08.2019, Michael Gerber

VSHN supports software developers with automated testing, deployment and scaling of their applications and running them on any infrastructure. We supported VSHN with the relaunch of their customer portal. In addition to the redesign, we streamlined the functionality and improved the user experience for the customers.

Project Presentation Simunto
04.06.2019, Mirco Widmer

We present a customer project in which we were able to implement various extensions.

Crafting Angular Components
27.05.2019, Michael Gerber

Angular components shall be used in the template like common HTML components. This blog post shows how this can be achieved with simple means.

Technology & Engineering Culture Conference at Swiss Re
18.03.2019, nxt

Swiss Re hosted the internal three-day Technology & Engineering Culture Conference for the first time. We were invited to talk on the topics best practices with Angular, continuous delivery and the development of microservices.

Hello World
31.12.2018, nxt

This is our “Hello World”. We’ll introduce our company and answer why we chose to establish our own IT business, what we try to achieve and how we want to do it.